— 1999 cult favorite film 10 Things I Hate About You

— Lychee martinis at Verlaine on Rivington

— Movie theaters with reclining seats and/or table service 

— Man Buns: the hairstyle and the phrase

— “The podcast reboot,” a way for the defunct cast members of shows like The Office and New Girl to make even more money without actually having to act again 

— Electric Citi Bikes 
Managing Editor
— Cowboy hats and boots

— Overalls

Posterzine Posters
— Resorts on tropical islands

— Men trying to write from the perspective of a woman i.e. Grady Hendrix’s obsession with pubic hair in The Southern Book Club’s Guide to Slaying Vampires

— Queerbaiting in Disney movies
Co-executive Editor

— Middle-aged men wearing simple outfits in NYC coffee shops (see: Yankees cap, tweed overcoat, medium-blue denim, New Balances)—as a New School student who is likely to witness someone in a studded leather boot-pant on a Wednesday at 8:00 a.m., sometimes regularity is soothing

— The Conde Nast Union

— Brooklyn-based floral designer, Flowers by Ford (@flowersbyford on IG)

— The New School elevator experience—the infrastructure and the ensuing crowds

— “Metaverse Fashion Week

— The Celebrity Beauty Brand Industrial Complex
Co-executive Editor
— Scrunchies

— “King” by Florence + The Machine

Intermissions during long movies

— Period-inaccurate historical costume design

— Dyeing dogs’ hair

— Making reboots for a nostalgia cash-grab
Associate Editor
— Dog walkers in midtown Manhattan

— Culture Pass of the New York Public Library

— Shows glamorizing crime
Associate Editor
— The Poetry Project: a crucial venue for experimental poetry for over five decades

— AUX/ARC Triptych: Poppycock and Asphodel (Code-Rose Cleavence): a poetry collection which is, at its heart, a queer ode to Arkansas

— Tash Sultana 

— The New School’s Mascot Gnarls

— Heath Ledger

— Aquamarine (2006 Movie)

— The United States Constitution

— Jack Harlow

Dexter, Bones, Law & Order SVU, but really all crime dramas

— Portrayals of The Joker after Heath Ledger’s death