March 21-April 19
Aries, we know you live for a bold moment, which is why we think Call Her Daddy just might be the listen for you! It’s nothing if not audacious. The show’s host, Alexandra Cooper, never shies away from relaying her personal experiences to her audience, be those experiences sexual, financial, or just plain comedic. We have faith that your quick wit and courageous demeanor will find a friend in this pod.
April 20-May 20
Taurus, with your naturally grounded disposition and affinity for bucolic environments, is the climate crisis leaving you feeling untethered? Perhaps listening to How to Save a Planet is just the balm you need. In each episode, host Alex Blumberg empowers his listeners with vital information they can use to stand up for the environment in their own lives. What better cause than defending Mother Earth to put your Taurean dedication (and stubbornness) to good use? 
May 21-June 20
Need your weekly dose of laugh-out-loud comedy and celebrity gossip, Gemini? Look no further than The Read. Hosts Kid Fury and Crissle West cover everything from pop culture to politics to sports and even offer listeners some much-needed, but definitely unprofessional, advice on careers and relationships. As the social butterfly you are, you’ll certainly enjoy the fun and irreverent atmosphere.
June 21-July 22
Big-hearted and sentimental to a fault, you’re the perfect listener for Modern Love, dear Cancer. Based on the eighteen-year-old The New York Times column, this podcast explores love in all its messy, complicated, oh-so-human glory. If you’re going to bundle under your comforter with some snacks instead of going out with your friends, which we know you are, consider giving this pod a listen!
July 23-Aug 22
Leo, you’re a leader and a lover, which is why The Cut—from New York Magazine—will satisfy your listening cravings. As a fixed sign, you’re known for being determined as well as fearless, which is why the strong yet tender episodes of this pod will make you feel at home. We suspect you’ll die for the episode “Emily Ratajkowski’s Body,” as power and attention are two of your favorite gifts to give and receive.
Aug 23-Sept 22
Oh Virgo, we know it’s hard always having to stay patient while you wait for the rest of the world to realize you were right all along. But no fear, there is a community to support you in this struggle after all: You’re Wrong About. On a weekly basis, journalist Sarah Marshall encourages her audience to reimagine a public figure or event from the past, correcting the record. Ruled by Mercury, planet of communication, you might even find yourself sending your favorite episode to a friend.
Sept 23-Oct 22
Libra, lover of art, beauty, and harmonious connection, journalist Olivia Perez’s Friend of a Friend is the podcast for you. In each episode, Perez shines a light on her guests who typically work in fashion, beauty, or entertainment—all areas of life that you love. As a cardinal sign, you’re great at launching new concepts and ideas, and this entrepreneurial podcast will encourage your intuition. 
Oct 23-Nov 21
As the most misunderstood sign, you certainly value truth and rationality, Scorpio. Serial is an investigative journalism podcast with a new story arc every season. With each case, the series examines the criminal justice system and how it fails to protect ordinary people. Host Sarah Koenig’s smart and thorough reporting would surely appeal to your more focused side.
Nov 22-Dec 21
Sagittarius, do you ever have the sudden urge to quit your job and move to Bali? Never fear, we have just the podcast for you. In Red Wine Talks by Damon Dominique, travel influencer Damon chats with his favorite fellow nomads about all things living abroad. They get honest about feeling lost in their twenties, making a living on the internet, and chasing their passions. Knowing the carefree spirit you are, Sagittarius, you’ll certainly pull up to the chat with your own glass of red. Cheers!
Dec 22-Jan 19
The only thing more dependable than a Capricorn is The Daily. You can always count on The New York Times political reporter Michael Barbaro to chat with guest journalists on the latest breaking stories. Responsible is your middle name, Capricorn, and if you want to stay up-to-date on the current political climate, this is the podcast for you.
Jan 20-Feb 18
Aquarius, it’s time to get spooky. The Magnus Archives takes place at the Magnus Institute, an academic institution dedicated to researching the supernatural. Head Archivist Jonathan Sims refuses to see the witness statements as anything other than pure fantasy, but when unimaginable evils come knocking on their door, it’s up to Jon and his crew to save the Institute—and the world. As a fan of innovative storytelling, you’ll certainly appreciate the excellent writing, spot-on voice acting, and solid production.
Feb 19-March 20
Symbolized by two fish swimming in opposite directions, you often find yourself oscillating between fantasy and reality, don’t you, Pisces? In that case, On Being with Krista Tippett might be the perfect antidote for that war within you. Might we suggest the episode with poet Ocean Vuong, “A Life Worthy of Our Breath?” Who better to speak to you, water sign, than he?